Dental Village

We painted the secondary level to look like different types of corral, and the primary ceiling to look like you were under water.

Dental Village

Close up of some of the mural work.

7 yr old boy's bedroom

West Valley City School

Very unique for a school...this was painted to look like an alley way.  Faded Coke logo and business signs. It's actually the hallway to the gym.

Painted Mural in boys room

Every morning he wakes up he's on the beach!

20' x 50' Painted Mural

7 yr old girl's bedroom

Girls Bedroom Detail

Cannon St. Grill

The Onion Detail

Each sesame seed is 6" long!

Design Assistance

Not sure of what you're looking for? Everything we do starts with Artwork, both hand or computer drawn, so that you'll know what your project will look like when complete.

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  Make your house a home with creative murals and faux finishes.
Make your business more noticeable and inviting with custom signage and murals.