Bathroom Wall - After

From a plaster texture to a beautiful faux finish.

Fireplace before

Faux Painted Fireplace

Painted to look like used brick.

Antique Glazing

2 Color Brush Glaze

Bedroom Accent Wall

3 Color Glaze on accent wall, Antique glaze on remainder of

bedroom and bath.

Antiquing Glaze

2 Color Bruch Glaze Detail

3 Color Metalic Accent Wall

Matches Patina Bedding

Faux Marble Ceiling

Colors used were matched to countertop and floor.

Design Assistance

Not sure of what you're looking for? Everything we do starts with Artwork, both hand or computer drawn, so that you'll know what your project will look like when complete.

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  Make your house a home with creative murals and faux finishes.
Make your business more noticeable and inviting with custom signage and murals.

Faux Finishes