Art History 101

We have been creating art all of our lives...we've also been in the commercial sign industry for 25 years.  Started in the trade with brushes, not computers, and learned the skills of color mixing and font layouts (signs) from old school sign and mural journeymen.

One of our first jobs was in the billboard industry painting the huge 14' x 48' ads, including full pictorials-such as the Black Velvet lady. When computers took over the production of billboards and the fabrication of signs, the skills of the sign artist became less and less in demand. (Old sign painters never die, they just fade away). 

Oils are our favorite medium, but we have learned to appreciate acrylics (water based paints) when it comes to faux finishes, such as color washing, glazes, and all sorts of other types of painted wall finishes. We owned and operated a commercial sign company for 17 years, creating all sorts of unique non illuminated displays, priding in design, quality fabrication and installation.  Everything from a simple 4' x 8' site sign to complete Interior Decors of 50,000 sf grocery stores.

As computers took over the industry there was less and less hand done mural work or trick finishes required and so we geared up to stay up and incorporated computers into all we did.  However there were still lots of projects that had to be hand done, such as marble or burl wood faux finishes on foam letters and sign backgrounds, faux marble finishes on sign foam and backgrounds, intricate displays such as sandblasted signs, including hand carving and gold leaf.

We sold the company in 2001, and then got a good education for 3 years working in the illuminated sign industry, knowing that eventually we would return to our passion. We kept getting a lot of 'side jobs', doing hand done sign fabrication and mural work (residential and commercial). In September of 2005 we decided to turn the 'side jobs' into our main a matter of fact we almost named the company 'Side Jobs'!  

As we grow, we are committed to continual improvement in creating stunning custom projects for our customers. If the walls around you are boring and/or uninteresting, or if they can be used to draw customers to your business, let us work our magic for you!

Design Assistance

Not sure of what you're looking for? Everything we do starts with Artwork, both hand or computer drawn, so that you'll know what your project will look like when complete.


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  Make your house a home with creative murals and faux finishes.
Make your business more noticeable and inviting with custom signage and murals.

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